Alpha Only Docker?

Hey guys, it says n the Readme to run in Docker, is this mandatory?

Im just spinning up a server now

Thanks in advance,

Hi @rhys thanks for getting involved and setting up a server. To answer your question, yes docker is used to sandbox services at this time. Everything related to client compute except for parts of the onboarding script will run in docker containers. Orchestration is done by Nomad which is also configured for docker driver. Future releases will include additional sandboxing mechanisms and containers such as podman and also options to run on host or elsewhere.
Additionally we’re only supporting Ubuntu 16+ to ensure dependency versions are reliable.

Awesome thanks for getting back to me,

So Ill set Docker up and then run the scripts off gitlab within a container

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hi dagim you seem like you know your stuff… im new to all this and having a few learning curve problems if you have the time hope you can help…
i use an imac late 2013 proc 2.7 ghz mem 8 gb 1600 mhz version 10.11.6
im trying to compute in nunet i have downloaded virtual box, set ubuntu on it (copied youtube vid)then i have downloaded ubuntu 20.4 and when i try to open file it it says no mountable file systems.?spent all day yesterday trying to sort it! aarrgh lol… i dont know if my computer is compatible for using these new programs or not and just wanted to know if they was a way to get past this problem …much appreciated if you can help…thanks. Leon

Hi @Leonw from what I understand, you’re running the NuNet onboarding script inside the Ubuntu Virtual box right? But I don’t understand exactly what the “no mountable file systems” issue came from. The Ubuntu VM is running fine right? Perhaps you can share a screenshot of the particular issue?

thanks for the quick reply dagim…no im not running nunet yet but i cant open the ubuntu file to do so…i have virtual box set up but have a problem with ubuntu…cant do a screenshot but this a link to a page wihat ive been looking at with the same problem.

cheers dagim

ahh so it’s specifically a MacOS problem where you’re not unable to open a file on you MacOS right? In that case, it could be a whole lot different things as the article suggests. I may be able to help with NuNet once you have your Ubuntu setup.
Have fun!

cheers dagim thanks for your time mate… i will keep going til i sort it gotta be updates and downloads that i havent done, my com is 2013 so it might need a little catching up lol. nice one

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