Are there Plans for a NuNet OS?

Being an infrastructure guy I am just wondering if there are any plans for a NuNet Linux distribution. I know from the recent AMA that @kabir was suggesting the onboarding script is likely to to be rolled into an application to simplify things for end users. I think this OS idea would be for people that are more serious about what they are adding to the network. This might also fit in to the ML use case as we will probably want to ensure stability in the initial stages of the public beta if we are trying to find paying workloads to run on it and would also give us the ability to fully troubleshoot the host platform. This type of approach would also be a great way to assist with on boarding the mining community who currently use custom Linux distros for their rigs. A boot up and tune up wizard to properly select hardware and allow for proper driver installation would potentially make things more stable for the less technical but heavily equipped potential compute providers. I’m up for working on this from a distro config and a UI/UX perspective for onboarding compute providers.

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From a compute provider perspective, we want NuNet apps to be on every operating system so that any and all computers can be used on the network. We would definitely not want to require compute providers to be forced to use a NuNet OS.

Now, on the application developer side, a NuNet OS would make sense for them to on-board their app onto NuNet, as long as end users could use the app anywhere.

What I meant was that the NuNet OS would be an optional way of bringing hardware into the platform. I understand that the long term goal is to be harnessing the unused compute on all sorts of devices and this needs a user friendly app that works alongside the users existing OS.

I am just thinking about Mining rigs / servers / clusters being on-boarded with differing drivers / overclocked etc. This would make Machine learning jobs difficult to manage. An OS for these systems/users would provide a level of stability and uniformity. The last thing we want is to try and tempt compute users over to NuNet and them have jobs failing on them because the underlying hardware crashed / rebooted / because the OS wasn’t as stable as it could be. If you look at AWS there are different classes of machine that you can spin up. Imagine that you have a class of NuNet instance / job that is “Optimized” for “Machine Learning” or “Workload x”. I cant imagine a world where these big compute workloads are just rocking up onto someones windows machine that’s running their office desktop and this being a slick experience for both parties.

Looking at it another way one for the reasons for moving to the cloud is the ease / speed of deploying new workloads / efficiently utilizing the hardware you have. Imagine businesses could run their own server that would also safely and reliably share resources with other users of the same server os. E.g. you have a container running a webserver but you also want to run one on the other side of the world. You could spin up an instance on another users server from your own server console and pay for it with NTX earned by running other peoples workloads on your own server and this being an “Out of the box” expericence. This would / could be marketed to Sysadmins / business owners if it was a well packaged “Product” I Know many people are comfortable with “rolling their own” systems but the majority of IT departments/Sysadmins are risk averse still like to use a “Packaged Product”.

Maybe this is out of scope of the NuNet project itself and would fit into a third party project / vendors remit. However I feel that any work on this would definitely benefit the on-boarding of the Mining community. You could use the OS to fund its development / maintenance by taking a small monthly NTX fee for the OS license / maintenance in the same way the current mining OS’s work.

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Looking through the Jira project I see tasks around using NixOS for firecracker golden images. Build NixOS firecracker image with all networking configurations as a baseline I am guessing this is for the internal nunet systems but wondering if the base of this would / could be used for a client / end user focused version of an OS with the Video drivers etc baked in. @dagim What do you think about this ?

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@MacForaday discussion seems a little quiet in here, is the the right place to ask questions that will get developers attention e.g. do the core team use this? I want to help out and get involved but not sure where to start.

@dagim @yitbarek and @Tewodros are developers and they occasionally comment on here. You can also DM me if you would like to know more about the community developer program.