Binary Job not completing

Hi, I seem to be having problems with the binary job not completing. I get the following errors?Docker image pull progress: Pulled 13/17 (943.8MiB/3.583GiB) layers: 1 waiting/3 pulling - est 345.6s remaining, then Docker image pull progress: Pulled 15/17 (1.978GiB/3.583GiB) layers: 0 waiting/2 pulling - est 200.2s remaining, then Failed to pull context deadline exceeded, then Task restarting in 17.786784225s, then Downloading image. It does this cycle twice then fails the job. I have the adapter, news score and cardano node running ok. Any ideas of why and how I can fix it please?

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Jobs won’t complete unless someone makes a call to your device, like if they use the Fake News Warning app, but very few people are using that right now, so there won’t be many job completes. Things should get busier soon though as the Cardano stake pool use-case is developed.

Thanks Mac, all I can go off is seeing other clients have their binary task running for many days continuously, but mine has attempted to run over 1200 times? Maybe time to shut off and re assess later.

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A new container system is being developed, and symmetric NAT support is being tested