Can we view how many testnet tokens our device has earned on the Ethereum testnet?

I found the Ethereum testnet Kabir mentioned we are using for the private alpha; this is the link to it:

I tried putting my generated address into the search but nothing happens. Is there a way to view how many tokens my device has earned there? I just want to gauge how well the system works in this respect.

you can see on metamask:

1, network address :
2, contract address : 0x8956C249Da0A005AEDBF41031C41b1fFDFF889d2

But, you will only earn if there was a call to a service on your device.

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The link doesn’t take me anywhere, how do I view it on Metamask? Do I go to Custom RPC? There is a lot more information I need to enter into Custom RPC, how do I do that?

yes, custom rpc. then:
1, network name : “nunet”
2, new rpc url: “
3, chain id: “2019”

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@MacForaday use instead of

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If you can check and see if tokens are being given to compute provider’s addresses, I will believe you. I just wanted to check and see if that part of the system is working.

Hi @yitbarek , are these details still valid i am unable to connect to the testnet via MetaMask ?

Thanks in Advance

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Private Alpha is a bit inactive right now, but look for a blog coming soon that will update everyone on all the things that will be coming in NuNet’s development this year

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Hi @tony811 , yes the inputs are valid and you should be able to connect via metamask. But, you will only get tokens if a service on your machine is called.
I attached a screenshot. I used the network name “node01” instead of “nunet” (any name should work).

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@MacForaday now the private alpha is working.

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Oh, thank you, good to know Yitbarek

Thank you @yitbarek was able to connect via metamask , then i imported contract address :0x8956C249Da0A005AEDBF41031C41b1fFDFF889d2 which displays a 0 balance , i was expecting some tokens as i have been running jobs on client 5759116f - 13 Complete - 14 Complete

My wallet address is 0x27aDa1c5934fCC33f588190aCf8396FE1786f20a (test wallet ) and 0x9A5495ce0438D6C0FCCc666035DD7eF8f6f17f7B (test wallet)

Are there any User Interfaces i can query and check or are there other reasons , again thank you for your support .



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@tony811 you will only get tokens if the news score on your device is called from the restapi (fake news warning app.
As you said the service is running but that’s not enough, to get a token it should be called by someone.


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Thanks again @yitbarek makes sense


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