Changed provider from DigitalOcean to Kamatera now no jobs being picked up

I was using DigitalOcean for about 1 month and was able to connect to both nunet-adaptor and also news-score and decide to upgrade the amount of CPU thinking i would have access to more jobs to run , i found Kamatera had the best cost effective plan for what i needed , however now i am not getting any jobs and or even able connected to nunet-adapter , any advice would be beneficial

The client ID is 5759116f
CPU details -

Thanks in Advance

It’s normal, we don’t get a lot of jobs because we are running 1-2 apps on the testnet and people don’t use them very often

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Thanks again @MacForaday , just confirming its not something on my end which is preventing job allocation .

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Also noticing the Host resource utilization cant get above 4 MHz is this issue , a job needs at least 2000 MHz …

@yitbarek and @MacForaday what are your thoughts ?

Are you running version 0.1.2 for virtual machine support?

@MacForaday , Yes i am , i went through the onboarding setup again

And when you onboarded, you allocated at least 2000 MHz and the resulting confirguration said that much was allocated?

Sorry I’m doing the IT thing where they ask if you plugged the computer in since it’s all I know how to do

I allocated everything like 10772 MHz , i cant remember the final output …

Okay, it may just be that since it isn’t running a job it isn’t using the MHz, but I don’t know. We should get a new version eventually that fixes problems. Remember this is just a private alpha and no money is at stake

@MacForaday i think your right

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@tony811 , As you can see in the screenshot the nomad client on your machine is not connected to the nomad server. For some reason, the heartbeat is missed.
can you run on terminal >> nomad status

you can share the screenshot.

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Hi @yitbarek , thanks again for your response please see screenshots below -


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Also i just ran the setup again and below are the details if this helps at all

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Thanks, @tony811. Now, the heartbeat is not missed.



@tony811 , based on your screenshot, the problem was that your device name has an underscore character (“anthony_1”) and it creates a malformed JSON.

And, it is working now after I changed it to “-” (“anthony-1”). So, we will fix this soon.


@yitbarek your the best thank you very much again :slight_smile:

I think this also might be the reason Job news-score-anthony_1 keeps failing also .

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@tony811 You’re wellcome.

The orchestrator that deploys services (not nunet-adapter) handles the underscore character problem.

The problem with news-score is it needs metadata gathering from other services on nunet using ipv8. But, now we are modifying the ipv8 architecture. So, it should work on this week’s release.

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Once again @yitbarek thanks for your time and support much appreciated …


Now, news-score is running.

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