CPU system allocation

CPU system allocation shows -2000 is that normal to show negative?

Before I allocated my cpu it also mentioned that I had 0.0MHz. Is that a common thing?

it’s not normal that shouldn’t be happening.
Are you running inside a virtual machine?

Yes I’m using VMware

okay, the reason available CPU amount comes up as 0 is inside VMs. That’s why I was concerned. Has the machine been successfully onboarded or did you face an error because of this? What’s the hostname of your VM?

It is legend-virtual-machine

When I onboard it also says my computer has 0.0 MHz. I have been typing in to allocate 0 for this question; should I be allocating more than 0 even though it says I have 0.0 MHz?

Yep. Looks like in Virtual machines the CPU is detected as 0.0Mhz. Same with VirtualBox

I understand that, but I am asking if I should allocate more than 0? How much MHz is reasonable to allocate? 1? 5? 10? 500? I don’t know, I am new to this.

It is legend-virtual-machine,

I did forget to mention that when it asked how much to MHz I wanted to use, even though it said I had 0.0MHz available I still put 2,000 MHz

i see your having a few problems too mac…im trying to open the ubuntu file for imac i downloaded but it keeps saying cant be opened due to “no mountable file system”
you havent come across or heard of anything like this before have you? been trying to sort it for days…much appreciated if can help mate. thanks, leon.

I just set it to 2000 so that it maps to 2Ghz but I did not check.

im watching the live ama mac…it looks like you know a lot about this project from your comments on there…i hope you can help me with this problem i dont want to miss out on computing nunet…looked eveywhere for a solution…getting desp!haha

I don’t know much sadly, hopefully the devs on here can help you with your unique problem.

@pgwada Whoa 2000?! Okay I will try that

@dagim Mine also says -2000 (negative number) when I put in 2000 MHz. I am also on a virtual machine for Linux.

sudo systemctl status nomad-client.service
sudo systemctl status docker.service

Try these two.
Also you can change the settings in /etc nunet/client.json

The localhost:4646 will tell more details like what evaluations passed etc
Snapshot attached

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no worries mate its a tricky one,ive asked a lot of people but no joy…ill keep digging .cheers

Any idea what could be causing me to be unable to connect to the localhost?
I have executed the onboarding script fully so I’m a bit confused.

I think the developer of NuNET can help.

Can you check the status by using the two commands I gave above?

If Nomad service is running it will allow you to connect to the localhost:4646
Please note if you are remotely connected to the machine then you should use the IP address of the machine where you installed

I found a hack for this! I put -2000 (negative) in for how much MHz I wanted to allocate and the resulting configuration displayed 2000 (positive)!
I don’t know if this actually changed anything or made it work better, but it made the configuration display the desired number.

thanks for the reply.
I have solved the problem. cheers

Yep :slight_smile: Thank you @pgwada edited /etc nunet/client.json with -2000 for cpn and memory , rebooted the vpn
How to restart the node without restarting the vm
just stop and start this services
nomad-client.service and docker.sevice ?

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