Garbage After JSON Object

Not sure what is wrong here. The node status has been “Ready” for months now but it never does any jobs??

The developers got the data needed to continue to the next stage of the project. Please see my video in the NuNet Announcement Videos about our Catalyst proposal to start running Cardano stakepools on NuNet.

Stay tuned this year as NuNet becomes more utilized and the roadmap is realized, and you will see things get much busier.

See my new post here for more information on what is next for NuNet:

Does this reply answer the question I was asking or are you spamming people’s threads?

I was trying to explain to you why the private alpha has been so inactive lately, and that things are about to get much busier

Aha ok thanks. I know a few people who have seemingly successfully joined the private alpha and been running a node for months which says it is ready, but none of them have had any jobs. We’re all wondering if our setups are working or not.

I am running 2 nodes, both setup the same, and one is getting and completing jobs and the other says it’s in a working state, (Ready) but has never had any jobs

There shouldn’t be any jobs being completed since no one is really using the fake news warning app; it was just a proof of concept.

Is the one you are running that is getting jobs a Cardano passive node?