Jobs: Failed due to progress deadline & task not running for min_healthy_time

I’m wondering if my results are indicating a problem with my system configuration or perhaps my network adapter from my ISP. any thoughts?

This is what I’m seeing:

task not running for min_healthy_time of 10s by deadline
Placed 1
Desired 1
Unhealthy 1
Failed due to progress deadline

same for binary-classification
same for nunet adapter

what’s your devices name @woodgrain? So that I can look for it from the nomad server and look for the reason why your machine isn’t hosting services.

The same thing happens to mine, some of them become lost and unhealthy. Mine are named nunet-adapter-Faraday and news-score-Faraday

Hi, sorry for the slow reply. I was away and I took the computer offline for a while.
I have just re-started it and connected to the testnet.

My device name is woodgrainZ9.

I am thinking about possibly doing a reinstall of Ubuntu and starting over - some other software issues seem to be cropping up. Will be interested to see if I can get it working though. Thanks :slight_smile:

have reinstalled… new device name is:

edit: still noticing the same problem

Hi again,

I’d really like to figure out why my device woodgrainZ9 is not completing any jobs.
I see others that have more than 20+ completed.

my internet is only 200Mbit/s. could that be the problem?
not sure if my device is contributing anything to the network if it isn’t able to complete any jobs.

I asked the same thing in a separate topic. I think it is just because very few people are using the fake news detector, the only AI we are running. I wish we would run a lot more apps to better stress-test the network.

Thanks MAc, that makes perfect sense.

Hi, i have two virutel machines that have been running for several days now and I still can’t get any spots finished. drivers all healthy and status ready (both machines are on the same address)

both seem to be running well though. Any ideas?