News-score failing with Placement Failure

I had a similar error with nunet-adapter and resolved it with increasing the CPU allocation , previously the news-score was not showing due to the nunet-adapter failing . The nunet-adapter is working fine however the news-score is failing with a similar issues regarding the CPU , and suggestions would be helpful thanks in advance .

The dev team is working on fixes. I have a feeling we will have a new version soon.

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Hi, @tony811 . Your machine’s total cpu is 3998 MHz and nunet-adapter uses 2000 MHz. So, your machine can not run any service except the adapter. The cpu requirement of news-score is 2000MHz.

We will fix the platform so that jobs will not be deployed for such cases and you will not see the error.

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Thanks again @MacForaday

@yitbarek your the best thanks for the quick response…