NuNet Video Guides

This topic is for anyone to post a video teaching others how to use NuNet.

I made a walkthrough video showing people how to on-board into NuNet using a virtual machine on Windows 10:


Here is a video walkthrough Rhys Morgan did for people who want to make the virtual machine on a cloud storage service:


Your awesome bro!!! It certainly helps a lot.

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Here is a NuNet tutorial video by PGW Ada stakepool:

Here’s a guide I made to download and install version 0.1.2 for Raspberry Pi and Virtual Machine support (apologies for the poor sound quality):

Thanks a lot! :blush: Is there any video can show how to use NuNet on mac os?

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NuNet is not supported on Mac OS yet. You would need to download a virtual machine on your Mac and install a Linux OS into it like I explained in the first video

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Thank you! I’ll try it!

Here is an AMA in which @kabir shows how to update to the latest version of NuNet and provide computing power for a passive Cardano node! The guide starts at about 9 minutes in