Placement Failures

Within the Nomad UI , recieving below error and idea how to resolve

nunet-adapter-NuNet 1 unplaced

  • Constraint ${} = NuNet filtered 38 nodes
  • Resources exhausted on 1 node
  • Dimension cpu exhausted on 1 node

What computer, operating system and virtual machine are you using?

Thanks @MacForaday for the response ,

I am using Windows 10 with Digital Ocean as the host on Ubuntu 20.04

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My only guess is try using Oracle virtual machine version 6.1 like I do, but no guarantee that will work

Thanks i do some more digging around

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Hi, @tony811. You need to increase the amount of cpu in MHz that you give for nunet.
As shown on :

the reserved cpu to be used by the host : 1999 MHz
total cpu : 3998 MHz
available cpu for nunet : 3998 - 1999 = 1999 MHz

The cpu requirement of nunet-adapter is 2000 MHz.

Thank you very much @yitbarek i give it a try and confirm :slightly_smiling_face:

Its working :slight_smile: :smiley: i also rebooted the system

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