Symmetric NAT issue

Hi guys,

After onboarding once on saturday, I wanted to onboard today again.

I hoped to try to use same address given before.

But I have been told to do everything from the beggining again.
Anyway Intried to do the onboarding again in the terminal, but this time I had a trouble with NAT since it says it is symmetric. (Attached immage)
Beginner here, so do not know what NAT is. Apparently something related with the router or the connection.

However I haven’t touched anything from saturday’s onboarding regardin my connection or my router.

Is there anyway around it?

Many thanks!!


The NAT type of your network is something that is usually determined by your ISP. It can usually change and that is not a configuration issue. One thing you can try is to connect to a different network if possible and try to onboard your device. Maybe that network will be of a different NAT type.

Hi @Tewodros ok! I’ll try that.

If not, is ther somethig I can do to reversibly change the NaT type?


I don’t think there is something you can do to reverse the change but you can also try to connect to a VPN and hopefully you will be tunneled through a permissive NAT.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll try that.

Hi @Tewodros ! I got it to work thanks to VPN…

However and even if it seems.I am up and running, now when I go to nomad, it says error.

I did the config command again and now it says this

@Tewodros @dagim, could anyone benso kind as to at least confirm reading of the new issue?

Thanks a lot!

I read it, but I don’t think I know how to fix the problem, sorry

@DrFERRUM Sorry for not replying sooner. Maybe the issue is related to the use of VPN so can you try using instead of localhost.

Thanks @Tewodros !! That worked indeed!! :clap::clap::clap:

@Tewodros I was partially able to onboard a few weeks back, now I am getting “Sorry we’re not able to onboard your device as the platform currently doesn’t support Symmetric NAT”, I am running ubuntu on VM.

Did you download and install the new version 0.1.2? Video about that on the NuNet Videos Guides thread

Thanks Mac for the video, I just watched it and followed through, unfortunately the error still persists

The developers don’t post on here often, but they are working hard to fix bugs so maybe the next new version they release will fix your problem

Hi @nons the platform doesn’t currently support symmetric nat and it is usually due to the network you’re connected to. You can try changing to a different network or you can also try using a VPN and hopefully you will be tunneled through a permissive NAT.

Thanks @Tewodros , would the platform support symmetric NAT during the public alpha release? I have tried 2 networks, still the same result , I would try VPN and give an update.

@nons I had to install a VPN. I used Windscribe.

Lots of people in the community asked for Raspberry Pi and VM support and they added it, so I think they will support symmetric NAT at some point (disclaimer: I don’t even know what symmetric NAT is)

@MacForaday I appreciate your help man.