Username not showing in explorer

Hi I have one instance setup under username PlanetStake.

I setup another instance under username Fortgotten…

When I check the http://“Fortgotten IP Address”:4646/ui/jobs I can see the full console but I cannot see Fortgotten doing anything…

The Fortgotten instance is setup the same as the PlanetStake instance.
The Fortgotten instance has nomad running.

I am not sure why the Fortgotten instance is not showing in the console.

Any ideas?

Did you check every page of the Nomad?

Hi, I’ve fixed it now.
I crosschecked the settings in /etc/nunet/ folders and discovered the settings for CPU and RAM were not right… so I manually edited them… I also manually changed NAT Type from something like “full-cone” to “Restricted NAT” and after changing these settings and rebooting it fired up automatically and was visible on the console page :slight_smile:

Think it was just the Client.json and Metadata.json files I edited in the end.

I assume it is perfectly acceptable to have 2 instances running Nunet and both sending any earnings to the same ETH address when mainnet goes live?

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You will be compensated for how much computing power you provide, so if both instances are providing their own computing power, then yes, you should be compensated for both.

Does this mean the instance is online and ready and just queueing waiting for a job?

It’s not progressed from this status since “fixing the problem” :confused:

I mean on the Client page it does say it is ready :confused:

I don’t know for sure, but I am guessing it is indeed waiting for a job