View Resource Utilization

How can we see what resources (Memory, CPU) NuNet is using at any given moment… on Ubuntu?

via the web portal that is on port 4646 by default


click on clients and locate your node

alternatively you can use top or htop on the cli


shows the global cluster usage I believe


Thank you, that’s very helpful

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When looking at a particular Client under:
Driver Status

Anyone know if NuNet benefits from having *qemu and *java installed?

Hi @woodgrain thanks for the involvement!
Currently there are no services using qemu and Java. However if there’s a developer that wishes to host services using Java or qemu, having them installed on the client would allow that service to run.
Since this is the private alpha with minimal features implemented for a conceptual testing, we only require docker driver to be installed on client machines.

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okay, that makes sense. thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve reinstalled Ubuntu and am up and running again (i think),
however I am unable to get to:

Any idea what the most likely cause would be?
My device name is now WoodgrainZ9 btw

just reinstalled the OS and everything again. I’m happy :slightly_smiling_face:

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