Would running Open Nat / DMZ stop failed tasks?

Just wondering if my problems with failed tasks would be due to a restricted nat? Would it be beneficial to run this machine in a true dmz zone?

I may have an answer about this for you soon, maybe this weekend

Thanks Mac. I am trying it now and will see if it changes anything

No real difference I can see Mac. Tried a few things but I still get mostly failed tasks (though the adapter runs fine). I will shut down and wait for the public version which will probably be more novice friendly

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They are working on a more secure NAT system

Thanks Mac, I have tried a few things but it remains that my adapter is running fine but the other 2 tasks (binary and news) both attempt to run and then fail. The only thing I see is when i run the install script I get a error which says it can’t locate the lsb_release package?

Yeah, according to a developer in another thread, there is a bug with things that have an underscore ( _ ) in their name and that a fix for this is coming

Hey Mac, I have run the new onboarding script and it appears to be running better now. cheers

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